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Bart B.

I guess when Uncle Sam is paying for rifles and parts (and winning scores) then part longevity is a secondary concern. I think it was the Air Force that tried the relief hole modification in the gas port of the M14, but I don't know if it was just a few rifles or if it was a standard modification for their service rifle team or a "one off" they tried. Somehow that modification is still legal in the books, but my memory isn't as reliable as Google anymore.

Rainbow Demon,

Good point about those small ring Mauser actions. I had a K.Kale Large Ring Small Shank Turk case hardened (the gunsmith I had do the metal work had it sent to a machine shop that would work on receivers) simply because those Turks had very tough steel, but almost universally suffered from poor heat treatment. That ended up a very nice 9.3x62 that I have full confidence in. With the small shank diameter I didn't trust it with a magnum brass diameter.

On the other hand, Kimber imported some Swede actions and proofed them for 308 loads and sold them on the American market. I haven't heard any horror stories yet about those rifles, but I have seen photos of Swedes that went "kaboom" due to hot loads.

Machine guns are awesome until you have to carry one.
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