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why the high prices

i live in Canada and i load now my boys go into town and in 4 shops no 22lr no 308 of any weight and powder is down and my boy has been waighting on a 110BA in 338lapua for half a year i picked up a new super grade 30-06 the other day and the rifle racks are half empty so why is this ???? im out in the bush off grid have a farm and guide as well as weld . dont wach 5 hours of tv in a year just to busy and no intrest just started messing with the computer 2-3 weeks ago on intrest and no time got busted up bad this fall and spent over 35 days in hospitall my boys 22 year old twins have bean staying at my place to help me so they got me a laptop and have shown me how to use it a bit 51-2 is a funny time to learn but im trying . so why are we all haveing shortages and paying so much winchester told me when i called on a rifle they are doing that they are overran but didnt explain do you guys know . IM out of the loupe by a few decaids lol and does that realy mean laughing out loud , hek im bushed
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