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ARs and AKs at Novi gun show

Went to the gun show today at Novi, one of the larger shows in the state, on the western edge of the Detroit suburbs.
I was surprised about the fairly large number of AR's, although quite a lot of them are the 22lr variety. Not much .223 etc. ammo available and even less 22lr ammo for that matter. Prices seemed to range between $1200 and $2900 for the .223/.556 style and $400'ish for the .22's. I didn't get there early enough to say how much AR ammo went out the door before I got there, but I only saw 2 20rd. boxes of Russian stuff for $30 each.
AK prices have certainly stayed high, anywhere between $900 and $1500 for rifles that went in the $400 to $600 range prior to the still present panic.
Maybe the availability of 7.62 x 39 ammo has helped prop up the AK prices. Lots of 7.62 in Tula for $8 a box of 20. It could also be had for $350 for case of 1k rds.
The SKS prices were also pretty steep. Norinco's ranged from $700 to $900 for excellent examples. I saw a couple of Yugos in similar condition, but no apparent price tags. I guess if you had to ask, you couldn't afford them.
The place was swamped with people when I got there about 11am and by the time I ran out of steam about 1pm, the place was in total gridlock.
Fortunately I had made my purchases by then and managed to squeeze my way out of the door to head for home. The line of people waiting to buy tickets when I left was unbelievable. I was glad to have gotten there when I did.
I guess it's safe to say the panic is still alive and well in these parts.
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