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thanks Dan Newberry i think you may be the man to have my son talk to i see what looks like a logo on the bottom of your note. were would a person go to learn the finer points of long range shooting and yes i dont have a clue about this . i can skin a beaver fast and am a hek of a hunter wekder and a powerlineman but i will take all the advice i can get on this . travell is not a problem for my son and i would love to have him go though a good course.wind can be a isue here some times blowes for weeks at speeds rangeing from 5to 15 klmph and gusts to 45 i hear temp can make a diff on long range shots to i hunt lots but at 350 as normall range and 450 as long i dont know jack about dopeing at 1ooo yards must be a bitch as round slows and wind .iv had ppl think im being a smart ass when i say i dont know about this stuff but honest i just got on cumputer 2,3 weeks ago and only mags i read are what are left in hunt camp my load manuals dont even have 338lapua in them just been busy for years
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