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Thigh "Tactical" Holsters

Lots of controversy here...

I will not be in a tight quarters situation as far as I am aware. I am looking at a thigh holster as something I can wear hunting (for backup not primary hunting weapon) and to the range if needed. I could go actual beltline holster but I have longer arms than most and the waist line, even grabbing my cellphone hits the upper limit of my reach. I am not well built but it's enough to matter.

I keep reading about how it's not as easy to protect, and how if it's worn incorrectly that it can move around, chafe, and get in the way. That being said, if you wear it correctly and you have reach issues as I have, wouldn't this be the best bet for open carry? Small of the back works for reach as well but I do not have a concealed carry yet. The ONLY time I would be wearing the thigh holster is again, hunting/outdoors and possibly range time. I got used to it in the Military as that was the only holster I was able to train with.

Thoughts? I did a search of the forums and had a hard time nailing any specific ideal about it.

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