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I started reloading the 7.62 x 39 when I got my SKS rifles around eight years ago,back then nobody was much interested in the brass or the .310 dia. 123 gr. and .311 150 gr. bullets so I bought all I could afford,I'm probably set for life. I also enjoy the accuracy and cleaner shooting loads than the steel case ammo.

I also started casting all my own 160 gr. gas check bullets for my SKS rifle as well so I haven't shot a J bullet in years. The cast loads are excellent for plinking,target shooting and hunting ammo and accuracy is as good or better than with some of my J bullet handloads,brass life is extended as well.

One benefit of the cast loads is that being there fired at a lower MV the action is not subjected to the higher pressure curve as it is with the factory loads in brass or steel which affect both direction and distance the brass or steel cases are ejected,the SKS and AK are way over gassed and will function at a much lower port pressure. The shorter pressure curve of the reduced velocity loads keeps the cases much closer to your shooing position.

My cast loads in the Chinese SKS will function all day long at a much lower MV and pressure around 1450 fps. than my Yugo and Russian rifles,but they will also function just fine with reduced loads. The Chinese drops the brass right at my feet. The higher velocity loads will eject the brass out around 10 ft. with the max cast loads. However any SKS rifles ejection pattern can be tuned regardless of the type load fired in the rifle especially the HV loads by simply drilling two or three small pressure bleed off holes in ta spare gas tube just in front of the gas piston face,the mod can be found here

I've pretty much enjoy 6 to 8 cents per rd. cost shooting since I've started reloading the 7.62 x 39 and will for years to come. Most of my steel case ammo stash was bought back when it was one half to one third of the going rate now days,I just keep it for a rainy day stash.

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