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If you want to scour the internet for cases go for it, because I certainly wont. I don't need to do so to know that the .357sig, which was made to mimic the .357 magnum, is prone to overpenetration compared to say a 9mm or .45acp. Higher pressure rounds, that reach higher velocities, penetrate deeper and further than a lower pressure round at lower velocities.
No, with the 125gr JHP load the .357 Magnum was NOT known for overpenitration. That load was known for staying inside the attacker AND dropping them with just one shot.

Heavier 158 gr loads and soft point 125s were known to overpenitrate.

Hence the .357 Sig uses 125gr JHP so it would do the same thing as the 125gr Magnum load.

And that ability to stop inside an opponent and still deliver very good stopping power was why the Air Marshals use the .357 Sig.

Massad Ayoob himself as wrote that the Texas DPS are quite happy with the performance of the .357 Sig cartridge in actual shootings.

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