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It doesn't work that way. You made a claim. I asked you to support it. Now you say you won't. It's because you can't- I have never seen a verified, actual account of an overpenetration with the .357 Sig round. I always ask that question when people bring it up, and no one can ever support the claim.
I don't need articles on the internet to support physics. An object at a higher velocity will penetrate further than a similar object at a lower velocity.

From what I understand the FBI did not properly take into account the women agent factor. That does not mean the entire thing was a "flop."
Yes it does.. If they were such "experts", they would have taken that into account.

Some people hold far too much faith in our Government and Government Agencies. Just because the Federal Air Marshals picked the .357sig does not make it a good choice or even the best choice for it's intended use.

Think what you want, but I think the .357sig for use on an airplane by Air Marshals is a foolish choice.
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