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The 338LM hasn't even broken a sweat at 1000 meters--that's a cake walk, for sure...

We were shooting at the 1200 yard plate on our long range training site today, and one of the instructor's had his Savage 338LM dialed in an ringing that thing like nothing... shooting 1/3 MOA clusters on the target, using 300 grain Sierra Matchkings...

If you can get Lapua brass and either Retumbo or H1000 powder or something in that burn range, and some decent 300 grain bullets (the Savages have a 9 twist, and will do better with the heavier bullets) you'll have a great shooting set up, I'd say.

The 338LM is a bit more portable than any 50 BMG, so that's something to consider... and the inherent accuracy of the 338LM is probably higher than the big 50 would be, based on reports from around the globe...

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