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Please point me to a verified account of an overpenetration involving the round.
If you want to scour the internet for cases go for it, because I certainly wont. I don't need to do so to know that the .357sig, which was made to mimic the .357 magnum, is prone to overpenetration compared to say a 9mm or .45acp. Higher pressure rounds, that reach higher velocities, penetrate deeper and further than a lower pressure round at lower velocities.

Clarify- you mean the agents, right? I think the agency itself knows what it's doing.
Nope I meant the agency. You would like to think they know what they are doing but it's not always the case. The example I used about the FBI choosing the 10mm for their issued round was a total flop. Because of it they developed the .40. The FBI are supposed to have the highest of expertise at their fingertips. What makes the United States Air Marshalls any better?
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