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*note* Placing the material onto the border areas of the lid and box is a pain in the a**!
cut an extra 1/4" in width.
First glue the material face down on the upper edge. Make sure its stuck all along the edge. Then fold it over and apply to the "wall". sliding it down into the joint area until the top is flush with the wood.
Don't worry about any glue on the material, it reaches a consistency of rubber cement and can be plucked right off. UNLESS its saturated, then just decide if you have to redo. It dries clear enough to be inconspicuous.
Next, I used a cheap Photo paper cutter and cut blocks of paper
and placed them into the floor area. Taping them together as I went until I had a solid pattern.

next, I transfered this to a poster board and wrapped/glued the material to one side and finished the lid off.
applied the same principle to the pattern for the pistol slot:

A bit of a setback occured (not at all related to the half consumed crown and coke on the bench next to me) when I went to fit this into the box:

...and realized I covered the wrong side!!!!!!
The one resounding obscenity was loud enough to bring my wife to the garage to make sure I didn't need more stitches
Anyway, I said to hell with it and laid the rough patterns on the material
and used the rotary cutter by hand and it worked out surprisingly well. I would do it this way in fact if you have enough material to cover goofs here and there.
So that sums up the material process. any questions or suggestions welcomed.
In fact, lets see those boxes. Store bought or home made. Even the tupperware coffins
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