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Caps for my Pietta 1858

I bought a 1858 Remy from Cabelas about 14 years ago and have always had good luck with Remington #10 caps. They fit well and for years I have been doing my Cowboy Action Shooting with .45 Colt and contemplating switching over to using C & B for my pistols. With all of the hassle of finding primers etc lately I finally broke down And ordered another 58 from Cabelas on sale. I tried it out for the suppled and the spare cylinder that I bought and found that the nipples looked different than the ones that I already own and the Remmington #10 caps are loose fitting on the new nipples. So I am at a loss as to what will be a good fit for the new ones. This is going to make it a pain to have to use more than one size when shooting in a match.

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