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Hey, and welcome to the forum. you might can guess by my number of posts that I do far more reading than writing here.... but it's normally quite informative and usually very entertaining.

I have a Venture WS chambered in .270 and I've written about it several times here. In short, I am quite pleased with it. Some fodder it just doesn't like, but I've tweaked a few handloads that are consistent 0.5" - 0.75" performers at 100 yards. It may very well be the most inherently accurate rifle I own.

I was having no problems with the trigger/sear, but I dutifully sent it off for the recall last year, and I noted no felt difference in the trigger afterwards. and speaking of triggers, of four bolt action sporters I currently own... including a M70, X-bolt, and a Mossberg ATR (which actually has a good trigger, an accutrigger copy), the T/C is what I consider the best. it's easily user adjustable without having to remove the action (which the owner's manual strongly recommends against....not too sure about that), and it breaks very cleanly without a hint of creep.

I can't speak about the scope in the package deal, as mine was a rifle-only deal. I actually not even looked through one in the store, so I would recommend some careful study to determine if the package is best for your needs, or if you would immediately be replacing it with something finer. as for myself, I don't have too expensive tastes in glass...a VX-III is my top shelf scope, and I really don't see myself going much more expensive in the future.

I really don't have a lot to say negative about the rifle, except the stock is, well, it's no Macmillan or B&C. It feels cheap, and the fore end has a significant amount of flex in it...certainly wouldn't want to be tight-wrapping a sling on this one. Plus I think it looks cheesy, with the rubber inlaid panels.... but it works well, and those ugly panels do seem to facilitate a grip in just the right places.

so, it depends on what you want this rifle to do... If shooting 1" or better at 100 yards consistently with most ammo, with a rifle that didn't cost an arm and a leg to obtain, and one that you really don't worry too much about getting out in the rain and snow... then I would call it a good choice. I've read several "reviews" on it as well as the other entry-level rifles on the market now, and I've read even more real reviews from folks on this very forum, and I've come to the conclusion that the major manufacturers have pretty much gotten the price point down to where most anyone can have an accurate rifle that goes bang every time, as long as they're willing to forego the bells and whistles, beautiful wood (or even top of the line synthetics), and penache.

if a good, accurate rifle at a reasonable cost is what you're looking for, I don't think you will be disappointed.
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