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I saw a new one in a gun shop the other day, and I swear they were asking $800 for it. That can't be the new in the box price these days, can it?
It can be still unfired today. Prices on the 9422 have really gone up in the last couple of years. I have seen one listed for $800 at a pawn shop and I asked about it. They waved a gun broker auction result in front of me. I just smiled and said "no thanks".

Parallax and focus can be a big deal when using centerfire scopes on rimfires. Like everything else, it depends on how picky you are.

1-inch groups at 50 yds is about typical with bulk ammo. The norm is that you often get about 1/2" spread with a flyer in a 5-shot group or two flyers. The precision is adequate for most needs. Your rifles should shoot better with better 22 ammo and some effort.
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