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Just wanted to say thanks man.

I redid it this morning because I wasn't happy with it, I am not sure if I made much difference but I think it's "okay" now and am gonna go to the range in a bit to check it out.

I did seem to notice you are right, if I pump it hard on the backstroke, it will expel the round with a little bit of gusto. If you just coax it back, the shell doesn't leave the receiver. Now in the original extractor it did in fact remove it albeit weakly; however, I chalk that up to the fact the new extractor is in fact a little sturdier/heavier/etc. and needs a bit more energy to make things work.

As far as everything else, I THINK its all good- I have barely scratched the surface of breaking this baby in, admittedly. I got it in October, took it out twice. I am a big believer in breaking weapons in properly... for shotguns I have a policy I follow- 00 Buckshot to start, as much as I can (as I can afford/have brought/etc) at least a box 15rd or so. Then I try to put as much of a Federal 100pk bulk value birdshot box as i can, if not 2 of them. Then I'll take it home, clean it real good, and try to go repeat the process, which I have done for this baby. So far so good.

I do in fact have some more stuff coming as I mentioned, and even if I go out to day I'll need to go out in a week or two, as I'll be installing the new carrier latch spring, mag spring & follower from Wilson Combat/Scattergun Tech, and hopefully their oversized safety (not sure if I can figure it out.).

All in all a great gun. My M930SPX is my 'last resort' that stays in a certain spot in case of major problem inside the home , I'll have it always . My new 870 TacMagP is more like the roaving gun and I'm having a good time hooking it up and also learning a little bit of gunsmithing as I go.

Thanks again man I'll say what happens at the range a bit later.
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