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Safe bet? TC Venture WS in 308... Oh and thanks to FL members

First off - thanks to all the members of this forum. I have been reading the forum and receiving excellent advice from Firing Line members for so long, I started to feel guilty that I never contributed. So I signed up, figured I would start with this post and fork over my two cents (ok one and a half) on any topics I have useful knowledge on. Alas, this will probably limit my postings.....


I am looking at the TC Venture combo in WS 308. Seems like a very solid gun, durable, and reasonably priced. I like the feel and have two TC muzzle loaders which I absolutely love and shoot sub moa groups at 100 yards. Sorry Savage guys and gals, I know they drive pin holes on top of pinholes - just cant get over the feeling that I am holding one of my boys nerf guns...

I have seen a few forum posts. Mostly positive but one VERY negative. Any thoughts from the forum on TC Venture now that we are (1) year removed from the TC Venture sear recall (2) year plus into the SW buy out of TC.

I am also moving the family up to Alaska this year so would LOVE any advice on the great hunting opportunities i may encounter. God Bless and again, thanks.
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