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Dan are you haveing the same ammo firearm shortages in the U.S we are here and i will look at the Barret today . you say the BA is a great firearm how would you rate its 1000 meter accuracy. and any recomendations on scopes mounts and such would be great i dont have any experiance with this end of the sport at all have 64 rifles and load for over 70 calibers but would not know were to start on this and lots of info out there my son want to mount a Leupold Mark 4 8.5-25x50mm M1 mil dot scope and he is here telling me if I by the 50 today he will by the Savage himself when it comes in is the leupold on par with Nightforce I see lots of NF on the internet when guys are shooting long range on this end of the range i make a rock look smart
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