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help no hands on with Savage 110BA

my 22 year old son has been waiting over half a year for a Savage Arms 110BA338 lapua for long range plinking by this i mean bagging the gong at 1000 meters and out we built a 1600 meter range and i understand that the firearm is on a long wait list here in west Canada but would he be better off with a Barret the only hands on i have with Savage is the 99c and 99e that i have had for 25 years inherited them.I am paying for this firearm as have a 1000 buck deposit on it the same store has a Barret 50 BMG sitting and the price is 2.5 x that of the savage i see 50 BMG rounds in a few stores here but no 338lapua I understand this is a round that is gaining use fast and would cost 1/2 as much as the 50 to shoot
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