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Sure it can. The cleaning rod can be a lot harder on a barrel than bullets.
True enough. But you left out my admonition (quoted below) and the entire context that this is a break-in procedure, not something that is done repeatedly during the entire life of the barrel. I would agree if your point is that one should be familiar with the use of, and reason for a bore guide, and the hazards of excessive cleaning.

As in all things, moderation is the key. There must be a balance between cleaning too little, too much, or cleaning in a harmful way. I don't mean to tilt at windmills, as you may be saying the same thing.
I prefer nylon rather than bronze brushes. I'd rather let the chemicals do the work than cause undo barrel wear. I may be overly cautious. Take care not to mess with the barrel crown. Always push or pull out straight out through the muzzle, one direction only. Never reverse directions mid-stroke.
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