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The recent plan was to visit, for the first time just for the variety/enjoyment, a really large gun show such as Dallas Market Hall,
or Tulsa's Wanamaker's.

But having already resolved two years ago to acquire a second Garand 'in the near future' from the CMP (though having 1,100 rds. of M2 Ball-
very slowly used), would you buy a second S. Grade Garand in the next two months, or spend about $600, just on extra M2 Ball ammo?
I can afford an extra rifle and $300 more ammo as it is.

Will their S. Grade rifle prices (I don't care whether SA, Win. or H&R) remain more stable than their M2 ammo over the next year, or vice versa?
I'm not a competitive shooter and tire of bench 'meditations', but the solid, very accurate functions with these nice aperture sights and history are irresistable.

Tom Servo: You mean 5,000 rds. of .22LR? It certainly should not cost much-months from now.

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