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Measure it yourself:

Set the rifle in something to secure it (gun vise, sand bags) in a horizontal position.

Remove the bolt.

Put a properly fitting bore brush on a cleaning rod longer than the barrel, with a handle that allows the rod to turn.

Insert the brush into the breech end of the barrel and push until it starts to turn.

Take a sharpie and make a mark on the topside (12 o'clock) of the cleaning rod at at point that can referenced to the gun, say even with the buttplate.

Push the cleaning rod into the bore. It will turn (most American rifling turns right) ...... watch your mark you made.

When it makes one complete turn and comes back to 12 o'clock, make another mark on the top of the rod at the same reference point you chose earlier.

Push the cleaning rod all the way out the muzzle (changing directions mid bore is bad ju-ju) and either remove the brush or pull it back throgh..... either way, remove the rod from the gun and measure the distance between your two 12 o'clock marks ...... your barrel's rifling makes on turn in _x_ inches, x being the number of inches between your marks.

Hope that helps.
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