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If Smith&Wesson has the best ideas, why does it constantly steal ideas from other manufacturers, like Glock, Colt and others?

If Smith&Wesson has the best products, why did it have never had a project successful semiautomatic service pistol, limited copying European projects, like Walther P99 or Glock?

And now...

If Smith & Wesson is a very successful company, why did it have constantly changed his landlord over the years :

Bangor Punta Corp.;
Lear Siegler Corp.;
Forstmann Little&Co.;
Tomkins Ltd.

Regarding the availability of firearms in my country, we will expect to finish the term of Barack Obama to have a final conclusion. Until then, I will continue to buy in Miami or Texas many products that most Americans citizens has no access, or even know they exist.


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