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Let me get this straight

I would like to ask a question to the other participants:

What was the revolver used as inspiration by Willi Korth to create this weapon?

The answer is simple: The Colt Python. And why is it?

Because nobody wants to rely on second place.

The python is arguably the definitive double-action revolver. He became the parameter by which all others are compared.

Or someone here will question the ability of Willi Korth?
Ok, so let me get this straight - you are assuming (to the 1000th power) that Korth, intentionally styled his "masterpiece" revolver (hey, they look pretty nice, but I have no experience with them) on an American revolver with an obsolete action and a backwards cylinder release? Really? C'mon man!

Also, you wrongly assumed that someone would criticize Willi Korth (I think he's great) but instead, you ironically criticized him yourself. What could I mean by that? How did you do it? Well its because you accused him of basing his masterpiece DA revolver on some over rated fool's gold "zenith / God's own / Rolls Royce" revolver that failed to stay in production? There is no way that Willi Korth "stole" or copied anything from a Python. Why would he? How did he copy the Python? Don't give me the naive beginner answer of "well look, a vent rib and a lug - its a copy" - give me something substantial or maybe you need some revolver remediation.

The Korth gun has the Colt style sights, the side plate on the same side as a Colt, and it has the vent rib barrel with a full lug. I assume you think he copied the Python because his gun has a vent rib and a full lug (along with similiar sights). If you think that means he copied the Python, you apparently have no idea what you're talking about regarding any of this. He did not copy, intentionally or not, the Python. The lock work is different, his cylinder release is actually genius (in my opinion), and the sights really don't make a Python anyways, although I definitely prefer S&W sights. The side plate can only go on one side or the other. And the barrel rib, well hell, I guess some shotgun makers copy the Python, and so did High Standard with the Victor. The list goes on. They all copied the Python!

PS - you also picked out one specific Korth revolver, featured in that video, the Troja, but they make (and have made) plenty of other models. The gun in the video is not the only revolver made by Korth. But you knew all of that? Right?

Because nobody wants to rely on second place.
Funny how "second" place never went out of production, has a major following, and was never bested by "First" place in any kind of serious competition. Its obvious that S&W all along (probably since the 1930s or so anyway) had the better products, better leadership, better ideas, and a better company which is what it takes to survive, not gimmicks such as a vent rib on a revolver or a blue good enough for a Prince. None of that will you get anywhere by itself, and if you don't believe me, read up on the Python IE its discontinuation - that's the proof right there. It stopped selling because it didn't live up to the hype of today when it was brand new. The other "reasons" for the Python discontinuation don't add up and they never have.

When someone lives in a country with limited access to many firearms, of course their opinion will differ - how could that person gain the experience that someone in America can gain on firearms? Certainly the first hand experience would be very limited = one of the many reasons opinions can differ, on anything really, not just guns. Its only natural, for example, for a rookie in karate to have a different opinion than a black belt would, which is what makes that person a rookie and the black belt a black belt - a knowledge and experience difference.

In closing, I don't know if any of you like football, esp the NFL but there is a segment on ESPN known as "c'mon man" which usually features funny football clips, of plays or happenings, which should not have happened, for various reasons. Well when I see threads like this, where there is simply a bit too much crap posted in the thread, I think "c'mon man!" - just like the show.

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