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+1 on the CCI recs above. Love em and they cycle even all of my Semi .22lr handguns reliably. Another comparable "hot-load" .22lr are the Aguila Super Maximum 30-gr. HP which are also very reliable for cycling semi-action pistols. That said, .22lr is by no means a recommended defensive round (though I carry a Bobcat 21A BUG) but it is also not to be dismissed if that is what you have at hand. Now for target ammo just get the chaep Bulk boxes of really any major brand (WallyWorld stuff is fine for cheap practice).

Prior to the "PANIC" I purchased a GSG 1911-22 specifically to save money by usiing this fine almost exact model of my actual .45acp 1911. But heck, now I cannot even find .22lr ammo to shoot at the moment (moments are turning into days, days into weeks, weeks into months etc...).

Be proud and become expert-like with whatever you have at hand and when you get the chance to "upgrade" and so desire, go for it. Lastly, another option for budget-minded individuals (anymore that means essentially all of us ) a good solid pump-shotgun which still can be had for well under $300 in this panic--for HD/CQB IMO it reigns supreme.
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