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Beginner using a scope


I am relatively new to the world of firearms, and I've just recently purchased my first rifle. It's a bolt action 22, a Savage Mark II GXP. It came with a scope, and when I purchased the rifle, I planned on first shooting with just the iron sights to learn the fundamentals and then mounting the scope sometime later.

In my noobness, however, I purchased the gun only to realize after that there are no sights. So, I've been using and learning with the scope.

I'd like to ask the community's thoughts on this. I am learning to shoot mainly with the hope of hunting in the future, so I imagine I will need to learn how to fire with a scope. But is that a bad way to start? Might I end up creating bad habits?

If I were to decide that I want to learn with iron sights, do I have any options besides exchanging the firearm (having sights installed)?

I appreciate any advice!
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