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I have never gone after turkey, but I hear that it is one of the most challenging game animals to pursue.

I imagine that mountain goat would be one of the most physically demanding hunts in North America. High altitude climbing of steep, rocky terrain, high enough up that the weather can change in minutes. And packing it out, good luck on that.

In Georgia, the difficult game animals are turkey, coyote, and maybe black bear. I have only seen one young bear cub that had climbed its way inside a fenced in trout hatchery, we got out of there as we didn't know where the mom was. Saw some good tracks on a sandy road while camping by a river in a primitive camping spot in north georgia. I have no real desire to go out and shoot a bear.

The most fun things to hunt would be deer. I have never been bird hunting but it would probably be a blast.

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