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...more pork needed than can be purchased by an individual They just love causing trouble. We're very quiet, keep to ourselves, always have sensibly volumed get together s and make sure parking doesn't step on any toes. The people across the street are VERY nice. Next door and everyone down our side of the street are trouble.

I've even made sure to be more than generous with my Venison from last deer season to no avail. The funny thing is, they are all trouble makers to each other. The police are on our street regularly now (I know all our our local LEOs and are good friends with a couple of them...but still) We've been here for almost 6 years now. The good ones are mostly older retired fun loving, easy goers that have lived in this neighborhood since the 80s. But there is that hand full that moved in in the last 1-3 years. I've had the one next door call the FD more than once to report "open burning" with "large visible flame" .....I was burning old account papers in a little burner I made from a 30 gal steel drum and some expanded steel. It exceeds ever local ordnance for a burning device...we can have burn barrels too as long as the top has wire over it.

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