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Originally Posted by MLeake
I think a lot of what goes on, does so simply to distract us from other realities. While we here focus on gun control, for instance, how many billion dollars in aid get sent to Syria, Egypt, and Pakistan?

So to me it is entirely conceivable that a lot of the gun control fight is political theater to distract the masses, with collusion from both major parties.
This is exactly correct, as far as I'm concerned, except I'd phrase it "...distract and divide the masses..."

That said, the NRA is NOT a political organization, per se, and for sunaj to think it is the job of a pro-gun organization to act as clearinghouse for politics as a whole...
This, not so much. It is considered a political organization: a PAC (political action committee), to be exact. It just happens to be a one-issue political organization. has some good information on where their money goes; some of it may surprise you.
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