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I agree it certainly brings up some new points to be argued in the courts. The sat question is an interesting one, google posts pictures of my house and backyard on the internet for the world to see. I would assume, then, that my expectation of privacy in that space is gone. I certainly do not want the police, or anyone else for that matter, using any technology to look through my walls or closed windows to observe.

I watched in interesting discussion about the expectation of privacy standard and how it changes as society changes. The person being interviewed is the head of the rather liberal 9th circuit. It is long, but I found it interesting. It does not address the drone question specifically, so don't look for that answer. His point was that as a society or as an individual I allow anyone access to my "private" information I have then also, legally, allowed the government to observe this information without a warrant. I must admit, I am not at all comfortable with that standard. The interview also goes into other legal questions I found interesting, but the privacy discussion can be found at
25:50.Also, to try and keep on the topic of the forum, there is a discussion of the second amendment at 35:00.

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