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You don't say which .22's you have so it's real hard to tell you what to use. My first recommendation is always the Velocitors if your gun handles em. Never met a 10/22 that didn't like em but they seem a bit too much for both my .22 semi handguns (1 Bersa, the other Ruger). They're fine in any revolver. My next option had always been the CCI MiniMags. As much for reliability as for performance. Low on my list are the Stingers and segmented rounds.

HP vs. Solid......... Either the MiniMag or Velocitor has enough penetration at HD ranges. They aren't gonna blow a big hole out the backside of a BG but makin it to vitals and beyond ain't an issue. From a rifle they can and sometimes will expand into a nice pretty mushroom. Just as many times though they will not do much more than flatten and tweek the nose a good bit. Expansion and/or deformation is even less in a handgun. Solids don't do much of anything and their RN makes them (or any cartridge/caliber) even worse for killin things. The Stingers and segmented rounds mentioned above are another story. They can and do come apart with very little effort and sometimes don't make it to the vitals of bigger varmints let alone on a man. Save them for gophers and choose something better.
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