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I live near a small town (maybe 15000 people, maaaaybe) amongst some other smallish towns within an hours drive of a couple of small cities/bigger towns. Last night i remembered the last time a local tactical unit or swat-type team was very publicly used; it was a hostage situation with a nutty pedobear holding his step-grandkids and his bleeding-to-death ex-wife (or some similar relations) inside a house with an SKS and a crapload of ammo (probably some other firearms also). It did not end well for the pedobear.

That was a WHOLLY appropriate use of a tactical team/SWAT unit. I don't see such overuse in this area; i am not certain if that is due to the unit being composed of officers from more than one department or if that is due to more discretion on the part of the commanding officers. I don't want to see this kind of unit being used for regular warrants, maybe for a warrant on an in-service meth production house or something, but not for Joe Bloe didn't show up for Jail on time.
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