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Thank you for the input

I had my first encounter as a civilian with a potentially armed threat. Portions of my actions came from the member on the firing line.

On a hurried visit to Wally World i parked in a tight spot. I was within the lines and I noticed that the car on the passengers side was also tight to the line. spacing was tight but acceptable.

When I returned to my truck as I was loading my stuff I heard [profanity]. Looked around and a car was blocking the car to my right. Continued loading and the words were repeated several times after the offending car had left.

Car to my right moved so as to block me in and continued the verbiage. Moved to the rear of my truck. Guy on Oxygen threatens to kick my behind. I grinned. He then said "I will get my gun and shot you" He reached into his center console.

I moved to a defensive position and dialed 911. He observed me on the phone and left. Reported vehicle description and tag number to 911. Hung around for 30 minutes and no cops showed up so I went home.

Never drew my weapon and no one got hurt. All in all a good resolution to a bad situation.

If it had not been for the thoughts on this and the Legal forums I probably would have reverted to a more aggressive posture and escalated the situation.

Once again ladies and gentlemen thank you.

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