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It can't hurt. I have always done it. And I use the rounds to work on zeroing at the same time.

I would use a cleaner that dissolves copper, as well, since the whole theory about this is that copper can build up on the vestigial tool marks that are left behind after the manufacturing (edges, and scrapes, etc..

I prefer nylon rather than bronze brushes. I'd rather let the chemicals do the work than cause undo barrel wear. I may be overly cautious. Take care not to mess with the barrel crown. Always push or pull out straight out through the muzzle, one direction only. Never reverse directions mid-stroke.

Theoretically, at least, you are preventing copper deposits from building up on these irregularities that may become very hard to remove. It is also supposed to make cleaning easier down the road. It seems like it has worked for me.

Again, it can't hurt.

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