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Cleaning new AR barrel

I recently acquired a new DPMS assembled upper for my AR (in .223/5.56). A small tag that came with it said that the barrel and chamber should be cleaned after every round for the first 25 rounds (!) and then after every 10 rounds up to a total of 100 rounds. If I do the math right, that's about 33 cleanings in the first 100 rounds.

Now, I like to take care of my guns so I'll probably just follow the instructions, but I'm wondering if those of you who are more knowledgeable about rifle barrels than I am, which probably means most of you, think that such a rigorous cleaning schedule is really necessary as part of the breaking-in.

And, by cleaning, do you think they really want the full patches, jag, brush thing or would running a bore snake through be good enough?

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