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zincwarrior, find two pro-gun, well-known Democrats and get them to offer their services as speakers. I have no doubt the NRA would love to have them.

I know I would.

I don't doubt that such Democrats exist; the problem is getting them to take a very public stance in opposing their party's line, especially in the setting of an NRA convention.

But if you can find and convince some, that would be great.

Harry Reid is one (admittedly I can't stand him)
heck invite Obama to speak.
Respectfully, that view is a bit of a copout, and partially why we're in this mess now. If you relegate the NRA to one party, it will be treated like it is now. Invite opponents. Get them involved. If they turn it down, that itself is newsworthy.

On the positive this topic made me realize the NRA convention in May is justa few blocks away. I may go there during lunchtime. Excellent!
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