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I Bought a New Gun Today Just to Get the Magazine...

I recently had the itch for a 1911-22. I bought a Colt 1911 Gold Cup 22. Its made by Walther, and imported by Umarex. Yes... I understand its not really a Colt Gold Cup, but thats what it says on the slide. I really like this pistol, and one of the reasons I chose it over the other 1911 22s on the market was that it comes with a 12 round magazine. It has a quality feel, and shoots well. I started looking for magazines, and there are none. I cant find extras anywhere. I really like the idea of 12+1. With the current atmosphere concerning guns, and a looming high capacity magazine ban, I was worried that I wouldnt get another 12 round magazine. These pistols ship to areas that dont allow more that 10 rounds, with a 10 round magazine, instead of the 12 round mag. I imagine that very soon, all the new Colt 1911 22 pistols will have 10 round mags. I wont be surprised if, and when, the next shipment of magazines becomes available, the 12 rounders will be gone.

So today, I stopped by my favorite shop, and bought a Colt Government Model 1911-22. I know thats crazy... and I never thought I would be swayed by the hysteria that seems to be happening today, but I am happy I have 2 magazines now. When the next shipment of magazines becomes available, If all I can get are 10 rounders, that will be ok, but I sure would like 12s if they are available.
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