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It is absurd to say you are going to support solely gun rights to the exclusion of every other consideration, Bush brought in the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, etc., leading the Republicans, which are hell bent on turning our society into a fascist state, perhaps an oligarchy ruled by a small elite, etc.,
if that happens these groups will no longer allow you to retain your gun rights in the future (along with most of your other rights), it is a bad position to be in, and in truth their isn't really a dime's worth of difference between the two parties in the long run, they are both corrupt and are bought and paid for by corporations, special interests, etc.,
The only solution is to vote 3rd party, or as Ventura suggests no party at all, or at the least completely reform the party(s),
The only way to secure your gun rights long term and reliably is to make sure the political system we have in office is Constitutional and representative of the people, elections are open, honest and the Bill of Rights is staunchly defended
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