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Tried Them All

I have a nickel 4" Python-I shoot it now and then,usually with 158 gr lead rounds.I don't use light,fast jacketed rounds in the Python or in my Model 19 Smith.The Python has delicate timing and its almost impossible to find someone competent to work on it.The 19 has a tendency to crack the forcing cone with too many 110 and 125 hot rounds over a long period.
I had a 586 and never liked it-strictly personal preference-it didn't "balance" right for me.
I also have a pre-28,a 28,and an early 27.They will handle anything and are fun to shoot.
I also have a Ruger GP100-it's an almost indestructible brute of a gun-not prone to breakdown.I never had a Ruger that was.
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