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At first I thought the powder was fine and put it all in a tupperware container. When I pulled the bullets it did not smell acrid or like old powder at all. It actually looked fine. Maybe about 1/4 of a pound total.

I decided to pitch the powder after reading the posts here. I took the tupperware lid off and the smell was real strong. That decided it for sure, it was scattered to the wind out in the snowy back yard.

Since the rounds had been stored in the stripper clips a lot of the corrosion was in lines where the cartridges were touching. Any unusual mark inside or out after cleaning got the cartridge rejected.

Last evening I took 4 of my reloaded cartridges out back to my home pistol range and fired them through my 1903. At 50 yards they were about 6 inches high, but all fired perfectly and the now once fired brass looked good.
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