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4" above the barrel would need 4 minutes "up" at 100...
and 16 minutes at 25 yards- meaning a total adjustment range on the scope of only 32 minutes...which just about every scope made would have.

And he says he's "way low" still. The math doesn't add up.

One of the more useful "tools" I have is the Leupold boresighter. Not only is it generally fairly accurate- at least enough to get on paper- it provides a visual reference point on a graph within the viewfinder so that you can change scopes and "zero" to the same reference point- and it would show if there were a difference if re-mounted.

I wouldn't waste another trip (range fees) solely to test this again- I would borrow a scope if possible to swap out if you don't have another, or just return it to place of purchase for exchange. IMO, the odds point to defective scope above other possibilities.
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