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Originally Posted by rebs
There are two sides to the difference. You can argue they are the two sides of the same coin or that the two are substativly different. But both involve the level of dehumanization and anonymity the remotely operated vehicles bring to the scene compared to the days when a Greek warrior had to physically slice the chest of his opponent on the battlefield. Both the assailant role and the victim role - if we assume those are the roles - perceive their roles differently if there's close contact than they do if it's remote and clinically isolated like it is with a drone.

Google "did we just kill a kid" to get some discussions.
I understand. I do not support arming domestic drones with missiles or machine guns, just as I do not support arming police helicopters with missiles or machine guns. Police power, government power is something we always need to keep a close eye on. I just don't have a problem with drones being used in the same way police helicopters are today. I don't have a problem with a drone having a camera or other device that might be able to identify if a person is carrying a rifle or not. Maybe my civil libertarian ideas are softening as I get older or something. As long as they are not poking around where I have some expectation of privacy I really don't care. As long as some computer operator miles away is not given the power to kill me I think I can live with drones.
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