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Three shot groups are more "fair" to a deer gun than 5 shot groups.
I agree. You could even say that for 2 shots vs. 3, IMO. If your rifle is an adequate caliber for deer and halfway accurate and you have to shoot the same deer more than once, you did something wrong. The only reasons to load more than one bullet when you go hunting is 1.we are human and make mistakes, and 2.there might be more than one deer give you a shot opportunity.

I'm not impressed at all with most american 8x57 ammo, other than the Hornady custom. Its has a 195 gr. Interlock SP at 2500 fps. Thats what I'll hunt with if I can find any (havent so far). If not Ill either shoot Sellier & Bellot or Privi Partizan. I'm not a fan of Wolf ammo but alot of people say that their "Gold" line is nothing more than Privi Partizan, so those might be worth a shot.

I know the american loads will easily kill a deer, but I would also like to hunt black bear with this gun and I want to just use one load.

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