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Open Letter to Senators McCain and Graham

Mr.’s Graham and McCain

I would like to thank you for your support of Mr. Paul during his recent filibuster. I would like to but I cannot, as rather than supporting Mr. Paul you were out eating dinner with Mr. Obama. Then today you had the gall to attack Mr. Paul for taking a principled stand for our rights. You have left behind any vestiges of being a conservative and I regret that very much. I honestly feel it is time for you to retire or change your party affiliation to either Independent or Democrat as your support for the Conservative Republican agenda is nonexistent.

We have lost the last two presidential elections because Republican Party operatives are pushing RINO Republicans like Mr. McCain and Mr. Romney on our party. We need strong, principled, conservative candidates from the bottom of the ballot to the top of the ballot and there is no place left for the Old Boy network that has nothing better to do than protect their position in the next election.

Please Sir’s, for the good of the country, retire and support a true conservative with a fire in the belly and principled opinions and who can stand up against the liberal onslaught destroying this country.
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