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James K
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That rifle was rebuilt in the Korean-war era, so it is not now original. The barrel is 1951 vintage and the stock has the DoD Acceptance Stamp (eagle and stars) that replaced the old inspector's cartouche after WWII. Other parts probably were replaced as well.

If you plan to fire the rifle, you will have to replace the barrel; I wouldn't recommend trying to find a 1944 barrel as most will be in bad shape anyway. Better to just buy a new barrel and have a gunsmith install it.

But before spending money on a barrel, have the gunsmith check that rifle over. Most of those not only have the barrel blocked but also have the barrel welded to the receiver. If it is just a tack weld, it is probably OK, but sometimes they got the receiver pretty hot (after all, they never intended that those rifles be fired with live ammo again), and the heat treatment might have been ruined. If that is the case, the receiver is toast and I at least would call it a wall hanger.

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