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I enjoy mine, after reading the buy blue comments all the time I would like to try one just to see the difference.

I had some primer shuttle problems early on but a little work with a file cured that. I find that the powder measure is very accurate with ball and flake (Unique) powder but not so good with extruded powder like IMR 4831 so I just load those on my T-7.

My son came over a few days ago and loaded up some 38 special. He ended up loading 250 in 40 minutes with no problems of any kind. I told him to quit boxing it up that I was timeing him....he had already stopped to box about 150 of them.

Mine does not have a case or bullet feeder so it is a little slower then some.
We use it to reload 380, 9mm, 357 & 38 sp, 40 S&W, 44 mag & 44 sp, 45 acp, 45 colt and I sometimes load 204 Ruger on it but I usually load rifle on my T-7. We have tried 270 short mag on it but I don't like sizeing the larger rifle cases on it, it works but it takes more effort and seems like it could be hard on the press...I'm not sure about that just my opinion.

We have reloaded many thousands on it and the only thing I have replaced is the shell holder spring and Hornady sent me several free. I have no complaints.

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