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Well, progress anyway. It is pretty much complete but I still have not received my free float A2 fore end kit.

I went ahead and crowned it, threaded it for the flash suppressor and drilled and reamed the new "F" FSB in place, I indexed the flash suppressor so a crush washer is not needed.

I also got rid of one of the annoyances of this rifle, the barrel was HEAVY, it is still a heavy target barrel, but I re-profiled it to something a little more tolerable.

while I was reaming the forward pin hole on the FSB, I noticed that the hole was not quite 90 degrees. At first I thought I made a mistake when I drilled it, but when I finished, the original groove in the barrel was still perfect. I checked the old FSB and found the same crooked taper pin hole.

I have been told that a crush washer behind the flash supressor is absolutely necessary to keep it from coming loose, is there any truth to this? it's very tight and indexed perfectly.

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