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I'm not a ballistician nor have I ever tried to measure the depth of bullet penetration on animals or gel. But as a funeral director I once buried a man shot with a .22. The bullet penetrated a mid-weight winter jacket (denim and fleese), shirt, t-shirt, and sternum. Whether it was the bullet, bullet fragments, &/or bone fragments impacting the heart and major vessels doesn't matter. The man died. I don't know if it was a hollow point or not, although considering the man, the decade, the lifestyle, and intended use of the rifle it is highly likely that it was a hollow point. Most everyone I knew and shot with used Winchester Super-X hollow points. I buried men shot with .22 ammo in other more susceptable locations of the body. But it was the shot through the sternum that to this day has me convinced that a .22 has enough 'penetrating power' to kill and should never be trivialized.

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