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SCAR vs AR part II The .308s!

Some of you might remember that a few months ago I made a thread based on my own experiences with the SCAR and a DDM4. This is more of a SCAR vs piston SR-25 comparison. The SR-25 type I will be using is, what is in my opinion the best off the rack SR25 type rifles you can get, the POF-USA P308. My tests were 1000 rounds, not including the tests for accuracy.

The SCAR 17 only has a PWS rail extension on it, the rest is completely stock. The SCAR setup comes to a total cost of about $2900 not including optics. The P308 only has a Larue RISR coming to a total of $2560 not including optics.

The SCAR 17 weighs in at 8lbs and the P308 weighs in at 8.7lbs. The P308 has a 16.5" fluted heavy profile barrel and the SCAR has a 16.25" light profile barrel, neither barrel lengths include muzzle devices. The SCAR weighs about 11.2 ounces less than the P308 when both weapons are stock. The P308 would weigh about 9 oz less if it had a light profile barrel, but accuracy would degrade.

The SCAR has a reciprocating charging handle on the left side up front. I personally prefer the AR style charging handle, but that comes down to preference. The SCAR is in my opinion semi ambidextrous because it doesn't have an ambidextrous bolt release. The P308 has an ambi safety, bolt release, and mag release. The charging handle is semi ambidextrous. The SCAR feels a bit bulky. The P308 may look like it has a bulky handguard, but if you held it, it would feel perfect. The SCAR has a folding stock, but for a low price, so can my P308, it just won't be able to fire with it folded. In terms of ergonomics, I'd say the P308 wins.

Now let's talk reliability. First I'll talk about general reliability which is what an average shooter would experience; no extreme conditions. I'd say that both are equal in terms of general reliability as long as you lubricate them. If you don't lubricate them the P308 will be more reliable because of the NP3. For my extreme reliability tests i exposed both rifles to extreme mud, sand, and water conditions. The test consisted of 1000 rounds; 250 water, 250 mud, 500 sand They both did well in the water test, no jams. In mud the P308 failed once due to mud in the chamber. The SCAR jammed 3 times. Durring the sand tests the SCAR jammed 3 times, and the P308 didn't jam. Overall I'd say the P308 is more reliable than the SCAR. The SCAR is still very reliable.

The SCAR shoots around 1.25-1.5MOA, and the P308 shoots sub .5 MOA about every time. This is probably due to the SCAR having a thin profile chromed barrel, and the P308 having a heavy profile match barrel.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a light weight .308 the SCAR is great, but if you're looking for an accurate .308 and are willing to add a few ounces a P308 is perfect. There are other SR25 types out there such as the LR308 which fill about the same role as the SCAR, but I decided to compare the SCAR with the P308 because the LR308 is very much like the AR-15 in my previous comparison between the SCAR 16 and the AR-15. I didn't want this to be redundant. Both are great rifles.

The prices used in this review were based on the prices before obummer messed it up.
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