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Taurus parts issue

I have read another, older thread about a similar issue but rather than dredging up that thread, from '07, I figured I would start a new one.

What I have is a Taurus 608 that needs the cylinder stop plunger spring. Only the spring.

It seems to be a common problem. The set screw backs out after a while and the cylinder falls out upon reloading. Luckily, the first time it happened, I was able to immediately find all the pieces and simply reinstall them. For me, It held for years after until just recently while shooting with some friends. We were able to find the plunger but ot the spring.

Numrich lists the plunger and spring as a set in both regular and stainless steel. $4.25 & $4.75 respectively, but they are sold out. I have sent them an email asking if they are expecting any more in.

I am hoping to be able to get a replacement mailed here so I can simply replace it myself and not need to ship it back for such a simple repair.

I will call Taurus direct tomorrow as well, to see if they have the parts in stock and the ability/willingness to ship them to me.

I'm not looking for freebies here, just a parts source to get shooting again.

If anyone else has an idea, or a parts source, please let me know.

Thanks guys!!
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