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Sometimes these sporters will surprise you. Especially when not using milsurp ammo.

And, one should judge the rifle on its forte' rather than its weaknesses. Three shot groups are more "fair" to a deer gun than 5 shot groups. After all, odds are if you don't get the job done with three, the last couple being "off" probably won't matter.

Remington 8mm corelocks are underpowered by the European standards of the 8x57mm, but are fine for regular deer hunting. They are not hideously expensive (at the moment) and are a good source of reloadable brass. Not really punishing recoil either, if the stock fits you. Close enough to a .30-06 in the field no animal I know of can tell the difference.

Other rounds shoot flatter, but if you can manage 2" of drop, you can manage 3" or whatever, just learn how your rifle & ammo shoot.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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